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to be the part of Cratonik Network.

Let's be the part of Cratonik Network and make your business or passion grow like a professional.

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You are the creator of your own business improvement.

Make your self the leading and professional business owner. Solution without conversation is impossible. So, Let's get improved...


Being smart in the world of competition is highly important. Your smartness to get your business connected with Cratonik will lead to high growth towards professionalism.


Being member of Cratonik Network will let us connect properly in order to improve your business strategy. Let's get improved, by make our business connection User-Friendly.


This is your opportunity to get your business grow like a powerful sword. By being together will make us create a powerful platform of network, which will definitely create a new businesses by connecting small ones.


Your data or the suggestion given by us will be secure unless & until they get approved by you or implemented world wide.

How The Registration Process Work?

Register Yourself

In this step, you should have to register yourself by filling the form with all required details. After completion of all four steps, Chaitanya Shimpi, CEO of Cratonik will contact you, in order to understand your business.


In this step of verification, our team member will contact you and you will have to verify yourself and real presence of your business in order to avoid the fraud.


In this process, the verfied business will be added in the list of Cratonik Network. And in due period of time, Chaitanya Shimpi, CEO of Cratonik will add you as a verfied member.


In this step, our HR Team will send you a form, which will work as an agreement. This will be the offical letter head, which will offically take you under Cratonik Network.

Loaded With Features You Would Surely Love.

We will be helping you, build or grow your business at the scale of 0-100 at the point 90-100. Being the part of network will help you build your profile on network and take your attention towards your business growth adn provide you differnt pakages. You will be provided with different packages, which will be run by our team in proper manner after your purchase. Let's get improved...

Business Profile on Network

This is the feature which will be provided for your business after getting into our network. We will create your business profile, which will define your business and can be seen by anyone all over the world.

Your Business Website

After purchasing this feature, we will analyze your business properly, and will try to modify and grow it on design. We will verify it from you, and will create and publish your website.

Managing your social platforms

After purchasing this feature, we will be handeling your social platforms with proper post with perfect designs. This will basically will work as an marketing of your business.

Ranking your business on network

As our network will grow with high number of business, we will be ranking one with respect to growth from Rank 1 to onwards. This will work as a competition. You can purchase the ad feature, which will allow you to rank on first, for due period of time.

Generating new business

In this feature, our management team will think for a creating a new business from the current business present in our network. This will help improve your income.

Many More

You will be given packages with respect to yoru business. Our team will think better for your business growth. We will let you know about everthing about business strategy.

Free for 2 days

You will be able to be the part of Cratonik Network for free. This plan will expire in two days. Do it fast, in order to be the part of Cratonik Network.

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